An extensive selection of
distinct ingredients


Aloe Vera Gel Liquids

  • Aloe Vera Gel Natural 1x
  • Aloe Vera Gel Ground Fillet 1x
  • Aloe Vera Gel Decolorized 1x
  • Aloe Vera Gel Natural 10x
  • Aloe Vera Gel Decolorized 10x

Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Liquids

  • Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Decolorized 1x
  • Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Decolorized 5x
  • Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Decolorized 10x
  • Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Decolorized 20x

Aloe Vera Powders

  • DaltonMax 700® Aloe Vera Gel Dehydrated Powder 200x
  • Aloe Vera Gel Spray-Dried Powder 200x
  • Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Spray-Dried Powder 100x

Nopal Powder

  • Nopal Dehydrated Powder

Amino Acids:

  • L-Alanine
  • L-Arginine (Base & HCL)
  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • L-Cystine
  • L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Proline
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Valine

Apple Cider Vinegar

BCAA Blends (Custom formulated blends that are instantized for beverage application or Granulated for tableting or capsule fill)


  • Calcium Carbonate (Non-GMO & IP)
  • Oystershell Calcium
  • MCHA Calcium
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Dairy Calcium
  • Calcium Amino Acid Chelate
  • Calcium Organically Bound

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex (Orange/Lemon): Powder and granular versions ranging in potency from 3% - 40%

D-Glucosamine Powders and Granulations:

  • Hydrochloride
  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride

Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate: Custom formulated blends granulated for tableting

Medium Chain Tryglyceride Powder


  • Full line of Probiotic powders with ample overages for product stability.
  • Custom formulated blends designed to target specific health claims.

Pharmomega 500 SF Fish Oil (regular or mint flavored)

Yogurtab Complex: Proprietary blend of 3 probiotics in ready to tablet form.

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